My Words: Pleasing me

Throughout the course of my writing life, I’ve met so many people who are paralyzed by the act of putting words down on paper or etching them onto a screen. Much has paralyzed me during my decades of living. I have been frozen at times in the face of everything from driving to trusting to... Continue Reading →

Man saves child’s life at Crab Island

Two days after rescuing a child from an outgoing tide at Crab Island, Jason Cupp could still feel the fatigue. At 49, Cupp is an experienced swimmer, understands the Gulf of Mexico and has been caught in multiple rip currents. In hindsight, he says he should have known better than to handle Monday’s rescue the... Continue Reading →

My Words: I am safe, are you?

When I walk, I talk with myself. Notice that I used “with” instead of “to” in that first sentence. As I have gotten older, I noticed how little I talked to myself or listened to myself. All the noise in my head and my world was from the outside in. But my ability to enjoy... Continue Reading →

My Words: Remembering dandelions

Growing up in Illinois, I was surrounded by dandelions and fireflies. I have actively missed fireflies, having raised three kids in a land without tiny lanterns lighting up the evening hours. I hadn’t noticed the lack of dandelions until last week. It took me 25 years to notice that although Northwest Florida has some of... Continue Reading →

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